ZONER PRODUCTIONS is a family owned production company.  Bo Price founded it with his nephew's money. 


Our films have played dozens of festivals, including Austin, Raindance, Cinequest, LA Shorts, Hollyshorts, Nashville, Rhode Island, Atlanta, Cleveland, Dances with Films,  CFC Worldwide, and USA Film Festival.



Film is powerful.  We believe movies can, with enough skill, hard work and heart, transform people's lives for the better, and we promise never to do this.   We won't give you a plate of veggies and an opportunity to improve.   

We create candy.   We want to make feature films that feel like Fanta floats, plays like Pop Rocks, and TV like Tic-Tacs.


We didn't waste our lives chasing showbiz to be your broccoli.  We wasted our lives to be your Lick-em-Stick.  


BO PRICE is a writer, director, producer and editor.   


He has over 25 TV/film editing credits, including NBC’s Last Comic Standing, ABC’s The Bachelor, Bravo’s Flipping Out, Netflix's The Home Edit, and the upcoming feature doc, Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time, directed by Robert Weide.   

(Vonnegut lovers!  Click asterisk for trailer.     )

Bo graduated Kansas University with a degree in film studies and dramatic writing.  His play, The Devil's Game, was produced at KU's English Alternative Theater, and published in Best Student One Acts.  


His most recent play, Slap Kiss Kill, was produced in 2019 and will return at the 2020 Hollywood Fringe Festival.  

His most recent short film, Wichita, stars Maxim Roy and Jeremy Sisto, and will premiere this fall.  

He is from Wichita, KS.   




Do you want to collaborate on a short, feature, series or play?  Do you have trivia answers and want your turtle?  


We would love to hear from you.   

Just sell this kid a beer...

...and give us a holler.


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